Fast Pack's Whippets


We're a Finnish-French couple, both in our 30's. We're living in Vantaa. Sari is a vet student and David is a web developer. Sari raced borzois in the 90's, Jogerin Jalouse "LuiLui" was her first very own dog and Lui was THE Dog of a lifetime. At the moment we only have whippets but maybe, maybe... if the right combination comes in our way :) We started to race whippets in 2006 with our first whippet "Finka" aka Even Faster Ticking Timebomb. As it often goes a second one followed: "Velka" aka Get On Top Ticking Timebomb. We also have a small daughter, Fiona.

We are breeding racing whippets in a really small scale. We would like to see all our puppies at the track but finding them a good home is our first priority. In addition to speed we value health and we want our whippets to look good so we are hoping the puppy owners would take the dogs also to dogshows and to health checking. We are ready to help "new comers" to enter the world of racing whippets. We are also ready to "babysit" the dogs we breed :).

Don't hesitate to contact us with one of the following adresses. We speak English, Finnish, French & German and Swedish, but please don't make us speak German nor Swedish ;-)