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Sad news
September 23, 2012 by Sari & David

That is already more than two months since the loss of Elmo (Softrack Evolution) after an accident during a track practice. Elmo was the father of our A litter and was only 8 years old. Softrack Evolution

Last week Yaga (Oochigea's Yadwiga) also left at 13 years old. Yaga was Finka's and Velka's mother (and the grand mother of our A and B litters). Oochigea's Yadwiga

All of us are missing them...

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The great escape
July 09, 2012 by David

This morning two pups tried to escape from the whelping box, we had to upgrade the box with a door :)

Whelping box 2.0:

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Titi in coursing
July 09, 2012 by David

Our Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) participated to her first coursing competition in Tampere. It went fine, she finished 5th overall :)

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They opened their eyes :)
July 04, 2012 by David

The pups have opened their eyes last weekend, you can find updated pictures on the Puppies page.

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Great performances in Derby 2012
July 04, 2012 by Sari & David

Last weekend was the Finnish Derby (championships for 3 years old dogs) in Hyvinkää. From our team, Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) and Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) participated and Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) took part to a graded race.

The day was successful :) Tino won his race and is finally back on track. Iivari and Titi finished both 3rd in final (respectively in males and females Derby) in tough company :)


Iivari in first qualification

Photo by Kerttu Haaslahti

Titi fighting in last straight for 3rd place

Photo by Kerttu Haaslahti

More on Iivari's blog (with videos)

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More photos of the pups
June 20, 2012 by David

The puppies and the mummy are still doing fine, just added more photos of them on the puppies page.

Forgot to mention yesterday that their (temporary) nickname were found by our daughter :)

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