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Titi in coursing
July 09, 2012 by David

Our Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) participated to her first coursing competition in Tampere. It went fine, she finished 5th overall :)

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Great performances in Derby 2012
July 04, 2012 by Sari & David

Last weekend was the Finnish Derby (championships for 3 years old dogs) in Hyvinkää. From our team, Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) and Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) participated and Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) took part to a graded race.

The day was successful :) Tino won his race and is finally back on track. Iivari and Titi finished both 3rd in final (respectively in males and females Derby) in tough company :)


Iivari in first qualification

Photo by Kerttu Haaslahti

Titi fighting in last straight for 3rd place

Photo by Kerttu Haaslahti

More on Iivari's blog (with videos)

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JJ in the press!
June 10, 2012 by David

Our Swedish star JJ (Fast Pack's Atomic Bomb) has his photo in a local magazine :) The article is about dog racing in Västerås and can be read here (in swedish).

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Hyvinkää & Åkers Kanal
June 09, 2012 by Sari & David

Tähtisprintteri 2012 in Hyvinkää

Aina (Fast Pack's Arctic Hope) started her heat last Thursday, that is really a shame that we couldn't get the two girls of the litter to participate :(

Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) made a good debut for her first title competition. Despite bad starts in both qualifications, Titi manage to rank herself third before the final. In the first run, she finished second behind the favorite Zaphira v.d. Spaarne Meute in 19.15 and then she even won her second qualification race in 19.02 :) In final she managed to grab the fourth place after leaving the box (after another bad start) behind the others.

Full results: TS 2012

Svenskt Whippet Derby in Åkers Kanal

JJ (Fast Pack's Atomic Bomb) was running today to qualify for the semi-finals of the Swedish Whippet Derby and he did it really well. Although JJ wasn't favorite (official tips weren't placing him in the first three dogs), he finished second in a very tight race!

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News from the A-pups
June 07, 2012 by David

Aina (Fast Pack's Arctic Hope)

After a difficult graded race on a slow track in Hyvinkää, Aina won brilliantly (509 points) the coursing competition in Kemi two weeks ago :) Congrats!!! More details on Aina's blog (in Finnish).

Titi aka Niki (Fast Pack's Against All Odds)

Titi ran (finally) her first race in Hyvinkää. She finished second after a small collision in the curve.

JJ (Fast Pack's Atomic Bomb)

In Sweden JJ is improving his times weeks after weeks. He finished 4th of a tough 6 dogs race in Västerås in beginning of May. Last weekend on the same track he finished 2nd after top swedish dog Ghan buri ghan's Moon Quake Shake and made his new record on 295 meters: 19.75, watch the video.

Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt)

Iivari had a double fracture on his tail which had to be partially amputated. But that doesn't seem to bother him, he made a canonball time during Helsinki's first practice last week :) Full story on Iivari's blog (in Finnish).

Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche)

Tino had slight back problems but after a few visits to sighthound guru Laios he is much much better. He will be soon joining the practices :)

Next Saturday Aina and Titi will be participating to Tähtisprintteri in Hyvinkää while JJ will be running the qualifications of the Swedish Whippet Derby in Åkers Kanal (Stockholm) on 320 meters (see the program).

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Iivari <3
May 03, 2012 by Sari & David

Iivarin omistaja Kerttu lähetti aivan upeita kuvia Iivarista! Ehkäpä sen kanssa kannattaisi mennä pyörähtämään kierros näytelmissäkin ;) Seisoo upeasti ja liikkeet näyttävät hyviltä :)

Alkuperäiset kuvat ja muutaman muun löydät täältä.

Iivari's owner Kerttu send some really handsome pictures of Iivari. Originals and couple of others you can find from here.

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