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Jogerin Jilia 23.2.1995-17.11.2009
December 06, 2009 by Sari & David

Couple of weeks ago we had to do heavy desicion to let Jili go :( Jili was last one of the litter, and last one from kennel Jogerin... I was there almost 15 years ago when these puppies were born. Jili was born last, small male when everybody already thought that everyone came already :) His back legs started to be strenghtless and he had really few muscles left. But he was really cheered up until the last minute, waveing his head to ask us to caress him :) We miss him! Now he is with his mum and sisters and brothers. And our place is empty, there is no longer a big borzoi :(

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Jili 14 years old!!
April 03, 2009 by Sari & David

Our old boy, Jili, turned already 14 years old on 23rd of February (yes, I know, our blog is a bit late with updates, have been busy lately :), hopefully now we manage little by little to get it updated with all the news...) Jili is still doing great! Of course the hind legs are starting to be a bit tired if you walk him long but for that age he is in good condition! I wonder how many same age or older borzois there is in Finland or in elsewhere? Here is two pictures of him from his birthday:

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