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Almost 4 weeks old...
November 11, 2009 by Sari & David

Again no post here for more than a month... the pups kept us busy ;)

The 5 pups are doing fine, they're growing quickly, today they were all more than 1.3 kg! They're starting to show a bit their character also, some being calmer and others being tough guys (or girls) :) Finka is still taking good care of them and Velka has started to play a bit.

The other good news is that they have all already found a home, one of them will stay with us.

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Results up-to-date!
October 04, 2009 by Sari & David

Results up-to-date! All the 2009 results are finally up-to-date (minus the GRL SM finals which are next weekend), September results had been delayed by flu, internet connection problems and other stuff...

All SVKL and GRL results:
Results main page

FCI European Championships and Friendships:
ECh 09

And as a bonus track Danish Federation Racing in Kallerupp, with four Finnish dogs ;) challenging the locals:
GSD Kallerupp

Other updates on the site: massive addition of profile pictures (taken yesterday in Tuomarinkartano) and the "view" counter of the profile pages has been switch to count 1 view per browsing session rather than 1 view per click (in order to avoid visitors keeping F5 pushed to get a dog at the top of the list :) )

Finka's pregnancy is going fine, we're waiting for the pups...

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Mating in Oulu
August 16, 2009 by Sari & David

Last wednesday morning we started to drive towards Oulu with Finka to meet Elmo. The matings happened then on thursday and on friday. Big thanks to Satu and Jyrki who hosted us these couple of days. For us it was at the same time a small holiday trip. Below are some pictures from that trip.

The two fiancés ;-)

Getting to know each other...

Elmo and his dad, Peku (Softrack Beluga)

Finka sightseeing in Oulu

Elmo posing in his garden

Finka posing in the center of Oulu

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Finka's heat and Finnish track Ch
August 10, 2009 by Sari & David

Finka started her heat a week ago on sunday and the mating is planned for this week. Let's hope everything goes ok!

Last saturday there was Finnish track Ch competition. MaXwin Baxter, Finka's half brother, wan the males title. And Baxter is soon 7 years old, I was in chicken skin when watching his run, it was amazing, and time was 23,18... Don't know if any dog has ever wan both Veteran Ch and Finnish Ch at the same year! Big congratulations to the owners and to the breeder. Congrats also to other categories winners: Delaware, Felonia and Jykä!

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About Us section
August 01, 2009 by Sari & David

Updates for this blog haven't worked so well... Tomorrow I have my last day at the clinic, David is already on a holiday and so after tomorrow we both are. Lets see if we then have time to write a bit more. Now we managed to add about us section to the page. Briefly something about who we are :)

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New web address & litter plans
June 27, 2009 by Sari & David

The site has moved to this new address (, after many years on a French free hosting site ( it was time to move to a bit more professional service :). So "Sari & David" becomes "Fast Pack's", the name of our kennel. For those who had links to our previous pages, no need to update anything, the links will be redirected automatically to the same page on the domain.

The other big news is that Finka got a fiancé: Elmo aka Softrack Evolution. Below a picture of their "tuna" date last weekend in Hyvinkää:

We were thinking really long if starting to breed or not. When people have been asking if we were planning puppies with Finka, we were answering no, maybe... etc. because we wanted to think this throughly. We wanted to check this summers results still. We knew that our dogs can do more than they have showed, it was more that we should improve our trainers skills ;) The beginning of the season has gone well so finally we decided to go ahead with our plans.

Finka's and Velka's breeder, Radka, kennel Ticking Timebomb, has given us valuable news from european males. At the end, we didn't go that far cos we found a really good male from here :) Elmo is strong and fast. He has amazingly good character, he doesn't have hairlessness and the pedigree is interesting. We wanted to avoid some a lot used dogs. Elmo as well as Finka are good sized and we are hoping future puppies be also :) We are really excited with this combination and looking forward what it's going to become, if everything goes as planned...

We are waiting Finka's next heat some time in August so puppies would be moving to new homes in Xmas time, but they wont leave for Xmas presents :)

From now on, we are trying to keep this blog much more updated!

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