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Arson at Kauppi track in Tampere
June 06, 2009 by Sari & David

Last night there has been fire at Kauppi track. Really sad news :( The office building (almost brand new), which my brother among many others was building, is burnt. At least next weeks practises are cancelled... Here is a link to Tampere region's newspaper, Aamulehti.
There has been also flood last? year at the same track, their bad luck just continues...

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Updates on competitions part 1
June 04, 2009 by Sari & David

Maybe it would be time to update a bit our news from the competitions we have been... First GRL competition in Hyvinkää 9.5. Sprintti Derby qualifications: In brief, Velka was last out of five dogs in her race, really poor time for her: 19,37. Simply, we don't know what happened to her, she can do better.

Velka in black.

Finka was in following race, 6 dogs. Finka finished 4th with the same time than 3rd, Twister. Twister did get to the final, she managed to be a nose ahead of Finka according to the finishing line camera :( But at least she really tried until the end this time :)

Finka in red.

Then GRL competition in Hyvinkää 21.5. Sprintti Derby final and Teemer Special for those who dropped from final, so the one our dogs participated :) It meant that Finka and Velka were once again in same race... It was a five dogs race. And Velka managed to win, this time with good time: 18,90! Almost half a second better time than the week before... she is not that stable with her performances :) Finka was 4th. Ok time 19,01, actually her new record so I have to be happy, but again she lost a tight battle :(

2:BB-King Creole, 4:Get On Top "Velka", 3:BB-Kleopatra, 5:Tuulihattu and 1:Even Faster "Finka"

Tuulihattu, Even Faster, BB-King Creole, BB-Kleopatra and Get On Top!!! Might be our first podium picture :)

All the pictures above has taken Antti Ruotsalo from kennel MaXwin. Thank you a lot once again from wonderful pictures!



Finka's birthday
May 07, 2009 by Sari & David

Big congratulations for our small whippet girl, Finka! Today she is already 4 years old. Time goes too quickly. We are sending congratulations also to Exploze and El Nino!

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1st competition
May 05, 2009 by Sari

What should I write about from the 1st competition. Well, it's behind... Good was that Finka FINALLY took a good start. Here are two pictures from it, taken by Jaakko Stenroos:

Finka has jacket number 6.

Everything else of the competition... worst time ever for Finka both on 280m and 350m. Ok, the track seemed slow but there were again dogs who managed extremely well, how slow the track ever. The organising club has renewed the lure system and it seemed really good. I read that they had also get new sand :) It was 40 years speciality for them and they offered cake and sima (=special finnish May Day drink).

But... I was really looking forward the new season but not anymore. I'm dreaming of going again this summer to compete couple of races to central Europe, it would be a bit different for a change :)

Well, today I have a dog massage course with Finka in evening. It's nice to spend time with her, she needs it after the baby :)

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1st practice
April 16, 2009 by Sari & David

Last Monday we managed to participate for the first time this spring to running practices. Thanks to my parents who came to babysit Fiona :) And thank you to our neighbour Aarne who arranged the practice!

Tracks are not open yet for the practices but we were at Otalampi which is the greyhound owners training place. There is one straight, about 150 m, where can be taken pulls with lure and then there is whirling, where dog can practice curve running.

Weather was nice, a bit cold though but it was really good day for our dogs. I'm putting here couple of pictures taken on Monday:

Velka running the straight.

Finka running the straight.

Velka in whirling, Aarne thought that Velka's curve running was excellent, she kept inside really nicely!

Finka in whirling. Finka was a bit wondering about the flying lure but run still nicely and like always, really killed the lure at the end :)
Looking good says the proud owners ;)

Big thank you also for Jonna Paronen whose pictures those above are. We had also our own camera with us but for some reason those pictures taken are not same quality. I wonder why, reason must be the camera :)

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April 08, 2009 by Sari & David

On sunday 29th of March was the first big celebration of our little girl, she was baptised.

She was also given a name which was kept as a secret until that day, like many are doing in Finland :) Obviously in France the name is given already at the age of two days so it was difficult to understand how in Finland a baby can be without a name for almost two months :) Anyway thank you for everyone of understanding that I wanted to tell the name only in baptism.

And the name? She became Fiona :)



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