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Velka's accident
April 07, 2009 by Sari & David

Updating the blog continues...

Few time ago we had a small accident with Velka. I had just came home and David left to forest with dogs. Both Finka and Velka were over happy of getting to forest. Well, after about 15 minutes, David comes back and I'm wondering why... He is saying to me that a dog had bitten Velka. I was a bit afraid to look what condition Velka was but from far you didn't see anything in her. Luckily "only" the skin had ripped from the neck (yes, whippets have thin skin and that is why our dogs are running with muzzles on when they run together...). Only a small bruising on a muscle but the other dogs teeth hadn't gone any deeper than the skin. It was just a crossing situation on a path. All the dogs were attached. They let them smell each other a bit cos the dogs were familiar to each other. Well, same could happen just by playing with another dog.

I called the vet from the city of Vantaa and we managed to go right away to stich it. So less than one hour after it was already fixed :) Painkillers and antibiotics and soon it was healed...

Here are couple of pictures from it:

After we came back home with Velka, David stayed looking after her cos she was still really sleepy. Still when I came home after being away about half an hour, she came right away to see me :)

The cut required seven stiches but the vet managed to put it together quite nicely.

Here is the picture about one week after removing the stiches. There is going to be a scar, one more for Velka. Soon she is full of those... Our tough girl :)

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Jili 14 years old!!
April 03, 2009 by Sari & David

Our old boy, Jili, turned already 14 years old on 23rd of February (yes, I know, our blog is a bit late with updates, have been busy lately :), hopefully now we manage little by little to get it updated with all the news...) Jili is still doing great! Of course the hind legs are starting to be a bit tired if you walk him long but for that age he is in good condition! I wonder how many same age or older borzois there is in Finland or in elsewhere? Here is two pictures of him from his birthday:

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New member of our family
April 02, 2009 by Sari & David

Jili, Finka & Velka did get a little sister on 12th of February. At the beginning Finka and Velka were a bit depressed since she is taking a lot from our time which used to belong to them...

Here you can see what Finka was thinking about the new member at the beginning :-)

Nowadays they are more ok with the situation. Velka has become more close to us and Finka is often forcing herself to our knees like saying that it's her turn to be there :)

Here she is less than one week old.

And here is a family portrait... Not so succeeded but it was impossible to get one where everyone would've been ok :) Jili is missing from the picture, we should try to take one with him also... which is going to be even harder :)



Siiri 02.1991-21.1.2009
January 23, 2009 by Sari & David

Again one day what you wouldn't want to have... We had to give up the fight and let Siiri go. She had hyperthyreosis for three years and a chronic kidney disease. Two most common old cat's problems. We are missing her so much, especially her best friend Velka. Velka has been really depressed these two days. Siiri used to always sleep next to her and Velka was always cleaning Siiri and kissing Siiri first when we came home...



Velka had a long work shift in Winner 2008 dog show
January 18, 2009 by Sari

In December I took Velka with me to present whippets in Winner 2008 dog show in Helsinki. She was there 5 long hours :) Many people came to say how pretty she was and they liked the black colour. Well I think she is really pretty too :) And I was really proud of how well she behaved towards all the people and dogs too. Velka is thinking that everyone is her friend :)
Here are couple of pictures from Whippet Club's stand.

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New look for our webpage!
October 28, 2008 by Sari & David

We changed the design of our webpage. You will find some new statistics and other features. There are still a few bugs left, we'll try to fix them in the following days ;-)

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