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Velka 2 y.o. birthday!
August 13, 2008 by Sari & David

Velka turned 2 y.o. today, good reason to a get couple of dog biscuits :-)

Greetings and happy birthday to the rest of the Ticking Timebomb G-litter : Goldie, Teq and Dino!



Track training
May 20, 2008 by Sari & David

A week ago we were in Hyvinkää sand track practising. Velka run alone because she did a solo run for GRL (Federation racing). She ran 350m. The time was written to her paper as 24.10 but we heard that it was said 23.94 after her run :) Anyway both are good times, she beat Finka's best time from Hyvinkää with more than half a second! Poor Finka, little sister is already faster. But Finka is not going to let Velka win so easily :) Finka ran same day 280m. Her time was 19.19 which is good, considering that it was only two weeks after she finished her heat...

Today the track practises started also in Helsinki grass track. Again Velka ran alone. Her time was 23.54! At this point there was only one whippet before her who had better time (23.53), maybe some managed to do better time after but we don't know because we left home :)

Here are couple of pictures of Velka from last week:



Happy Birthday Finka
May 07, 2008 by Sari & David

Finka celebrated her three years old birthday by eating a delicious cake! But as a nice girl, she let Velka and Jili to get small pieces also. Here are some pictures from her party:

Take quickly the picture!

Can I take it already?

How about now?

Let's take it all at once so they wont take it away from me...

Velka is not getting any :(

The big sister gave a small bite for the little sister.

And to the grand-pa also :)

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Lahti International dog show
April 27, 2008 by Sari

Today it finally was, Finka's second and Velka's first dog show. We needed at least "good" so that they can become Working Champion but rather of course "very good" so that they could compete from CACIL next summer.

Velka was signed in to intermediate class. There was 11 bitches in same class than her. I was so nervous before going to ring with Velka because lately I haven't been much in dog shows, and I knew that Velka is still SOOO babyish :) But we came out from the ring with red so Velka did get "very good".

Finka was signed in for the working class, thanks to her result from the Nordic Coursing Championship from last summer. There was only four dogs in this class (and three of them were black). Although I feel that judge said much more positive things about Finka than Velka, Finka did get only "good".

We will add judge's story of the girls later to their own pages. Here are some pictures from today. Most were missed, too few practise of taking pictures in dog shows ;)



And finally at home! How tired small girls can be from one day in dog show :)



A bit of training
April 24, 2008 by Sari & David

Summer is starting to be close, even here in Finland. In a bit more than a week, there is a season's first track competition in Tampere. But we won't be there :( Finka is ending her heat and Velka hasn't still got her registration papers from Finnish Kennel Club. We should've remembered to send them even earlier... Hopefully they will come soon, they have been there 5 months. The queue is supposed to be 6 months so in June Velka can start participating :) And let's see about Finka how long we have to wait.

Last weekend we were training Velka with greyhounds :) We took her one straigh and then we practised curve running since last autumn she tended to go out in last curve. The first run in whirling wasn't so good. She was wondering from inside to outside. But the second went already much better, she managed to catch the lure in a middle of the turn. Yes, she was too fast for the one who was leading the lure ;) And because the second try ended in the middle, we put her there a third time with the muzzle on, and now everything went fine. She ran fastly, stayed inside and wasn't giving up the lure :) Succeeded day. Only hoping Finka could've tried it also.

Here are "couple" of pictures of Velka :)



Measuring session
April 08, 2008 by Sari & David

Last saturday we were measuring some Italian Greyhounds at Tuomarinkartano. It was an experience ;) Now we know a lot more about that breed, how they behave and how different types there are. The day was organized by two Italian Greyhound breeders, Leena Jääskelä and Kitte Lampola. There was a photographing session and a "tassuviehe" also for dogs and since we had Finka and Velka with us, we managed to try those also.

So how does it look, do they have a better future in running or in dog shows ;)

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