Fast Pack's Whippets

Practising for the dog show :)
March 28, 2008 by Sari

For once we tried to take pictures of the girls posing... Usually our pictures are always girls running and since they are running so fastly ;) not necessarily sharp ones :) Anyway Finka's second dog show and Velka's first one is in one month and there is a LOT to practise!

Finka (with the muzzle cos we were running in field)

Velka (has to be held...)

The pictures of them when I'm practising inside are not even to be showed to anyone :-)



Jili's 13th birthday
February 24, 2008 by Sari & David

Jili had yesterday, 23th of february his birthday. "Grand-Pa" is now 13 years old and only one left from that litter... Luckily he is doing fine :)
He did get his cake only today. There was 13 eatible sausage-shaped candles :)



Finka's second measurement
February 03, 2008 by Sari & David

Our small, tiny Finka did get her second and the last measurement and the result was 47,5 cm. Now we are ready for the next year's competitions...



Forest walk
January 11, 2008 by Sari

Finally it snowed in Finland this week, but already today it's raining so all the snow is vanishing... Luckily I managed to go at least couple of times to forest with the whippets.

I'm really a proud mom! Finka and Velka are obeying really well to me. The other day girls were running in front of me and there was a man passing another path with a dog in leach. I just said "wait" for them and they both stopped to wait for me! Same yesterday, again they were running the path in front of me and suddenly I realized that there is a woman coming the same path with a dog already close to us. Well, I just called "let's take this way" and I turned left, Finka and Velka followed me and didn't care about the dog! Maybe we should try more obeying training :)

Here are some pictures from yesterday, as you can see, there wasn't much light...

Velka bumped into a vampire in our walk, it's dangerous in "our" forest :)



Artwork :)
January 08, 2008 by Sari

Less than one week of Xmas holiday left and only now I did find time (and mood) to try pastels that my friend borrowed me for trying (Thank you Heidi!). So I tried first a picture of Finka running in a competition in Awans. Tomorrow if my "inspiration" continues :) I could try another small picture but then with oil pastels (also borrowed from Heidi). Then, let's see which one goes better for me and I could maybe try to do one big picture...

With Finka and Velka we were today meeting other whippets. I didn't count how many there were but more than ever before when we have been there :) First we are usually letting the dogs to run free for a while. Finka was really in a good mood. She was jumping like a kangaroo and pushing everyone with her butt :) we would have hoped Velka to be in a better mood now after her heat. Before her heat she didn't come along with Ami, who is Finka's age whippet girl. Today the same continued so we had to attach Velka :( After we walked with dogs attached and when we came back to the starting point, we left the dogs free again. Ami was kept attached so we left Velka free. But this time she didn't like Wanda, 6 months old whippet girl. But Wanda didn't let Velka to boss her and replied to Velka. Quite tough girl for that age...



Finka's and Velka's new friends
January 05, 2008 by Sari & David

Since there is no snow and whippets haven't had much things to do, we did get new friends for them.

Here they are:

The first day Velka was afraid of them every time they moved a bit but now it goes already better: Finka and Velka are just staring them and licking their lips :) At least now they have something to do!



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