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Happy Xmas!
December 23, 2007 by Sari & David



Family argue at Beringen
October 30, 2007 by Sari & David

Last Sunday at Beringen, Finka's brother Vlad aka Dark Vador beat Velka's father Xantho-Vulture in Final. This result proves that Finka has also excellent genes, maybe next year she'll show what she really has inside :) Anyway Velka was offended by this result and took vengeance on Finka... We heard that similar things are happening in Czech Republic between Exploze and Goldie :)

© Cathrine & José Fernandez

Congratulations to Vlad!

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Waiting the winter...
October 21, 2007 by Sari

The small animal internal medicine exam is finally behind me. It doesn't mean any holiday, tomorrow is starting the same course for horses. But this weekend was still a nice break... So finally there was time to take dogs for long forest walks :) First I've been going with Jili and after with the whippets. Jili seems to enjoy the walks without whippets because we can then walk really slowly and he can take his time...

Last weekend there was in Hyvinkää the last track competition in Finland. It was unofficial: "Makkarajuoksut", (= sausage runs in english). The track was already a bit frozen. Velka ran her second group run and it was accepted. Now she only needs to be measured and then she can start competing from the first competition of the next season.

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Happy Birthday Velka!
August 13, 2007 by Sari & David

Today our small puppy is already one year old. Luckily she is still behaving as a puppy :)

Velka is sending congratulations to Teq, Goldie and Dino

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Ticking Timebomb connection in Sachsenheim
May 14, 2007 by Sari & David

Finka will join her sister Exploze and her brother "His Lordship" Dark Vador to the FCI World Championship in June in Sachsenheim, Germany. They both qualified brilliantly (Exploze in the Czech team and Vlad in the French team). We're all looking forward to the competition and the family meeting!

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Finka's birthday
May 07, 2007 by Sari & David

Finka is today 2 years old. (Time flies...) She is sending congratulations to El Niño and Exploze!



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