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Breaking News: Aina in JK final!
September 17, 2011 by Sari & David

After qualifications Aina (Fast Pack's Arctic Hope) is second and will be running the final later on this afternoon.

Female standing after qualifications:

  • 1. Sattuman BJ-Martta 32.64
  • 2. Fast Pack's Arctic Hope 32.72
  • 3. Macarenan Backgammon 33.20
  • 4. Oochigea's Izbyiroces 33.25
  • 5. Macarenan Bingo 33.43
  • 6. Tuulikellon Diivaco 33.59

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Tampere - 11.9
September 12, 2011 by Sari & David

There were 3 Fast Pack's whippets running yesterday in Tampere.

In a six dogs graded race on 280m, Aina (Fast Pack's Artic Hope) took a canon ball start to win her first SVKL race in 19.04 (fourth best time of the day on that distance!). Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) did a bad start but demonstrated once again its speed and came back to take the second place.

Aina and Iivari on top of the podium :)

Kerttu's video:

Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) did a strong race from start to end on 350m and won his graded race in a really good time: 23.59!

Kerttu's video:

Big congrats to all our A pups for these great results, it has been a really nice weekend :)

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A-pups performances :)
August 31, 2011 by Sari & David

Helsinki 17.08.2011 (Full results)

  • Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) won clearly his 280m graded race in a really good time 18.68!

  • Fast Pack's Avalanche Helsinki 17.08.2011 Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche)

  • Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) won a tough 280m graded race in 18.62!!!

  • Fast Pack's Another Bolt Helsinki 17.08.2011 Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt)

  • Aina (Fast Pack's Arctic Hope) was running her first race and it went very well :) Aina finished second in her 350m graded race in 23.61!

  • Fast Pack's Arctic Hope Helsinki 17.08.2011 Aina (Fast Pack's Arctic Hope)

Race 10: Aina in black

Hyvinkää 24.08.2011 (Full results)

  • Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) finished 4th in a 6 dogs graded race and improved his record on 280m on sand: 19.01!

Race 6: Iivari in black

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A-pups at the Nordic Championships
August 17, 2011 by Sari & David

We were supposed to have a gathering with all the A pups during the Nordic Championships weekend in Tampere. Unfortunately Jayjay who was coming especially from Sweden, was quite unlucky and didn't make it to Tampere. A few days before the competition Jayjay had to undergo a surgery for a bloat (torsion). This happened while Jayjay and his owners were already in Finland, luckilly Jayjay has recovered very well and he's out of danger (and was able to go back to Sweden a few days later).

Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) was then the only A pup to take part to the Nordic Championships and he did very well! During the first qualification, Iivari did a good start despite leaving from trap 6 and settled in second position behind favorite Sattuman BJ-Joe Kidd and in front of experienced MaXwin El Diablo. Iivari finished second in a good time: 24.06.

1st qualification: Iivari in white

In the second qualification, Iivari had a tough 4 dogs race. Leaving again from trap 6, Iivari did a canonball start and manage to take the inside in front of Oochigea's Hanaa and Besties Lakupekka (another Elmo's offspring). At the beginning of the first straight Iivari overtook Weikotin BB-King Creole from inside and kept a really tiny lead. In the last curve Iivari run side by side with BB-King Creole. But none of them could resist to Hanaa's finish and Iivari finished third in 24.00.

2nd qualification: Iivari in white

Overall Iivari finished 8th and when we see who is in front, there's nothing to be ashamed of! More details on Iivari's blog.

After the competition, we had a family portrait, really sad and unfair that Jayjay couldn't be there :(

Iivari as well as Tino and Aina will run in a couple of hours in Helsinki! Exciting :)

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JayJay on track!
June 23, 2011 by Sari & David

Two weeks ago, JayJay (Fast Pack's Atomic Bomb) was running his first track competition in Stockholm, it went well JayJay finished 2nd only 0.06 sec behind experienced Goat-Wool's Wiio. Last Weekend JayJay had his revenge on his home track in Västerås. He won the race in 19.97 (295 m) making one of the best time of the day despite the rain :). Congrats to Mikael and Katja. See video of the race below (JayJay in red):

Short news about the other A-pups:

  • Iivari (Fast Pack's Another Bolt) has had a small muscle injury and should be back on track during summer :) More details on Iivari's blog.
  • Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) ran his solo run 2 weeks ago and his first group run last tuesday.
  • Aina (Fast Pack's Arctic Hope) ran her solo in Oulu and is now getting back in shape after the heat.
  • Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) ran her solo run 2 weeks ago in Helsinki.

Profiles Pics Update: We were last weekend watching TS 2011 in Tuomarin Kartano and managed to finally take pictures (it had been a while...). Pictures added/updated for following profiles:

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Sunday's program & other stuffs...
June 11, 2011 by Sari & David

Sunday is going to be busy, we're having our son's baptism and it will be the first time a Fast Pack's dog will run in an official racing competition :)

JayJay (Fast Pack's Atomic Bomb) will run next Sunday at Åkers Kanal Greyhound Park in Stockholm, Here's the program. Jayjay will be runnig a 6 dogs race on 320m and he's the bookmakers favourite :) See below:

"Tips: Atomic Bomb gör tävlingsdebut. Verkar rätt bra och har chans direkt. Classic kan en del men visar det sällan. Enklare emot nu och bra läge. Wiio har inte visat form i år men ska kunna bättre.
2 Atomic Bomb – 1 Classic – 6 Wiio"

Random other stuffs:

  • - We now have RSS feeds, a channel for the blog and a bunch of channels about racing results/profiles/stats. This is beta so it might be a bit buggy, though it passed the w3c validator.
  • - There's now facebook like buttons on profiles and competitions page for easy sharing.

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