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Weekend in Sweden
November 05, 2010 by Sari & David

Since previously there was a post about the puppy show, now it's time to present our swedish boy, JayJay. At the beginning of september we visited JayJay and his family over a weekend. Thank you again Mikke and Katja for hosting us! It was nice to meet Ella also.

First we drove to Norrköping to spend the first day in whippet race competition. JayJay ran as a test dog and Legolas participated. It was interesting to get to know this competition type, it could be fun to try it once...

Under there are some pictures we took during that weekend, copyright of them is Fast Pack's.

We were watching a whippet race competition in Norrköping. JayJay did get to run as a test dog. And his time was very promising when compared to that day's times ;)

Posing picture of our swedish boy

On the following day JayJay ran in whippet race practice in Västerås first time with a friend, and it went great!

Head profile

JayJay in whippet race practice: not giving up the lure

The neighbour's dog is JayJay's personal trainer :D

JayJay 11 months old

JayJay's pack: Zorro, JayJay, Drutten and Legolas

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Last racing results updated from the year 2010!
October 31, 2010 by Sari & David

Finally you are able to find the results from the seasons last competition!

Thanks to Marjaana Siltanen, who send them to us! The results were difficult to find, no one had written them down...

From best times page you can go check how your dog's time is compared to the others' times :)

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Better late than never - Puppy show in May :)
October 30, 2010 by Sari & David

Since we haven't been updating the blog for ages, we haven't either told here that we participated to a puppy show in May. All our puppies who are living in Finland joined :)

And although none of us probably had any great expectations, it went better than ever can be dreamt! Okay, our puppies were the only whippet puppies there :) BUT still Niki who was BOB puppy was also 3rd in the group 10. AND in breeders class, we were BIS 2nd :D But the best was how nicely all behaved althought it was long and hot day... Here are some pictures from that day:
All the pictures below were taken by Heikki Niva

Fast Pack's Another Bolt PEK 1 KP VSP
Iivari standing

Iivari's movements

Fast Pack's Avalanche PEK 2
Tino standing

Tino's movements

Fast Pack's Arctic Hope PEK 2
Aina standing

Aina's movements

Fast Pack's Against All Odds PEK 1 KP ROP RYP-3
Niki standing

Niki's movements

Niki's nice posing after getting the 3rd place in group

Fast Pack's kasvattajaluokka KP ROP BIS-2
Fast Pack's A-litter
Iivari, Tino, Niki and Aina

Fast Pack's A-litter in BIS ring
Our group in BIS ring

On a following day we went to run Iivari, Niki, Aina & Vappu to the field. The siblings are keeping horrible noise when they run together :) We also ran the dogs after a "hand" lure. Here are some pictures also from there:
All the pictures below here are copyright Fast Pack's

Iivari chasing the bunny

Aina chasing the bunny

And also Vappu chasing the bunny

Here is Aina's technique how to drink straight from the bottle

Iivari, Niki and Aina
Iivari, Niki and Aina

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Niki's agility
October 29, 2010 by Sari

We managed to go only 2nd time yesterday with Niki to agility althought it was already 5th time...

But this time it was fun :) Well, it couldn't have gone worse than last time :D Niki seems to like tunnel as much as Finka and Velka and also dislike the normal jumps same way. Maybe it is some whippet stuff, in tunnel you can run as fast as you want so that's why it's fun :)

Our trainer is also super good, we are lucky to have her to train us! And she is giving us always our own level tasks :) Now I'm really waiting for the next time, and in meanwhile, I'm trying to built couple of more obstacles to train at home also... Or I'm making David to built them for me :D

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Little updates
October 27, 2010 by Sari

We were or we are still supposed to do totally new layout for our webpage. That's why there hasn't been much text on a blog either, cos we were waiting the new layout to be finished first (obviously itself, since we haven't had time to do it :) ).

But now we desided to do at least small updates... Maybe the new look will appear one day, maybe in year or two.

The A-litter page is slightly under construction. I should at least find nice new pictures of the puppies. Info of them I already updated.

Then I updated some health info of our dogs to their own pages.

Little by little :)

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Happy 1 yo birthday to Fast Pack's A-litter!
October 17, 2010 by Sari & David

Our A-litter turned 1 year yesterday: congratulation to all the puppies!

Fast Pack's Avalanche & Fast Pack's Against All Odds Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) & Titi (Fast Pack's Against All Odds) showing their beautiful ears ;)

We had a special guest this weekend: Tino spent two days with us, it was fun :)

Fast Pack's Avalanche Tino (Fast Pack's Avalanche) lying in the living room

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