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Back from holidays... and results up to date.
October 01, 2010 by David

After a few weeks of holidays, I finally catched up on the missing results:

More about the holidays soon ;)

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Meeting Iivari :)
January 19, 2010 by Sari & David

Last sunday we went with Niki to meet Iivari. Iivari was looking great. He had really nice masculine head <3 Iivari had just been running with other whippets so he was a bit tired. Niki on the other hand wasn't feeling comfortable in leash and she even had to wear a jacket, poor girl :( She didn't move much. So far she has mostly been only in our garden, always free. We have to improve that :)

Anyway I managed to find couple of pictures where it looks like sister and brother are running together :D

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Gallery opened :)
January 01, 2010 by Sari & David

Finally we managed to get our gallery opened in these pages :) The first folder consists of pictures of our young pair doing all the possible forbidden things... ;)

Fiona and Niki are spending a lot of time together and playing. They will make perfect team while they grow up together <3

Totally new layout for our pages is in process, meanwhile you will have to page through these still. These pages are designed for Mozilla Firefox and they wont work properly with Internet Explorer. Sorry about this! Next version we maybe do for both of these... And there is a small bug in gallery with horizontal pictures :D But we will fix it when ever we will have time.

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And even the last puppy left...
December 22, 2009 by Sari & David

On sunday left the last puppy to its new home. Originally known as Pikku Elmå is now JayJay and officially Fast Pack's Atomic Bomb. He moved all the way to Sweden so we won't be seeing him that often. He's now living with his owners Mikael and Katja and their small daughter. He is sharing the household with two other whippets and one dalmatian.

Fast Pack's Against All Odds stayed with us here :) She is still called Niki and most propably she will keep that name.

Thank u for all the new owners of informing us how the life with the new puppy started :) We are really glad to hear ur news!

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Puppies are moving to their new homes
December 19, 2009 by Sari & David

Yesterday left the first puppy to its new home. Formerly known as White Nose is now Tino and officially Fast Pack's Avalanche. He stays close to us, he's now living in Helsinki with his owner Hanne-Mari.

Today left two more puppies. First left Iivari, officially Fast Pack's Another Bolt, formerly known as Blacky. He stayed also close to us :) He lives now also in Helsinki with his new owners Kerttu and Tuomas. Iivari has three brothers: two Basenjis Hero and Q, and one Azawakh Yosal.

Second left Aina, officially Fast Pack's Arctic Hope , formerly known as White Toe. She moved quite far from us, but really close to her dad. She is now living in Oulu with her new owners Laura and Heikki. Aina has a "big" sister, Italian Greyhound Vappu.

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Jogerin Jilia 23.2.1995-17.11.2009
December 06, 2009 by Sari & David

Couple of weeks ago we had to do heavy desicion to let Jili go :( Jili was last one of the litter, and last one from kennel Jogerin... I was there almost 15 years ago when these puppies were born. Jili was born last, small male when everybody already thought that everyone came already :) His back legs started to be strenghtless and he had really few muscles left. But he was really cheered up until the last minute, waveing his head to ask us to caress him :) We miss him! Now he is with his mum and sisters and brothers. And our place is empty, there is no longer a big borzoi :(

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