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Name: FI KVA-R Even Faster Ticking Timebomb, "Finka"
Date of birth: 07.05.2005
Breeder: Radka Šimková, Czech Republic
Height: 47,5 cm
Weight: 11,5 kg
- Eyes:

  • - 3.8.2009: Vitreous degeneration, suspicious
  • - 25.5.2010: Vitreous degeneration, suspicious (no changes since previous examination)
- Knees:
  • - 29.4.2010: 0/0
- DLA-diversity:
  • - 2009: Whip4 Whip1
- Myostatin deficiency:
  • - 2010: clear, N/N
- Heart:
  • - 12.4.2011: no murmurs in heart auscultation, no signs of heart diseases in echo
Education: Sit, here, lye, show the thumb, show the little finger, hands up, agility beginners and advanced course
Hobbies: Eating grass and sleeping under the cover

Racing & Coursing Results

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Dog Show Results

Helsinki 3.6.2006 Kirsten Landsverk, NOR
God typ o storlek. Bra huvud. Kunde önska mer benstomme o substans på helheten. Kunde önska mer längre längden o kraftigare generos bak stalle. Rör sig lätt men skulle längde o drive med rörelser.


Lahti international 27.4.2008 Rony Doedjins, NED
Up to size, but excellent condition. I would prefer stronger muzzle for her skull. I could prefer stronger boner for her size. Very good neck, topline could be a bit firmer. Sufficient angulations in front and rear. Nice coat condition and colour. Movements needs to improve.



Finka started the agility hobby in Winter 2006/07 during the off-season. Due to the few agility places available in the capital area, it took until summer 2009 to get back to the hobby. During the summer we had really nice whippet group of 6 whippets. During Autumn 2009 Finka was in maternity leave but she has a place booked and will continue in January 2010 :)

Our goal regarding agility is no less than participating at least once to an official competition.

Dog's life

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