Fast Pack's Whippets



Name: Fast Pack's Against All Odds, "Niki"
Date of birth: 16.10.2009
Breeder: kennel Fast Pack's
Height: will be measured before the racing season 2011
Weight: 13,8 kg
- Eyes:

  • - 25.5.2010: No inherited eyediseases
- Knees:
  • - 29.4.2010: 0/0 (unofficial, she was still under 1 yo)
- DLA-diversity:
  • - 25.5.2010: Whip1 Whip1
- Myostatin deficiency:
  • - 2010: carrier, N/B
- Heart:
  • - 12.4.2011: no murmurs in heart auscultation, no signs of heart diseases in echo
Education: None what so ever :)
Hobbies: Playing with Fiona and biting Velka's tail

Racing and Coursing Results

If everything goes fine, first results will be in summer 2011

Dog Show Results

Niki participated to a puppy show 15.5.2010 and she was the BOB puppy and in group 10 she was 3rd :)

Turku international 23.01.2011 Rudi Brandt, DEN
Feminin bitch, good size. OK head. Correct bite. Good ears. OK topline. Good angulation in front. Could have a little more angulation rear. Needs a deeper chest. In the move shes short stepping.



Niki started beginners course of agility. Let's see how it starts to go with her...

Dog's life

Sleeping, eating, playing, teasing Finka and Velka :) That is what Niki's days are full of so far.