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Name: FI KVA-R Get On Top Ticking Timebomb, "Velka"
Date of birth: 13.08.2006
Breeder: Radka Šimková, Czech Republic
Height: 48,0 cm
Weight: 13,5 kg
- Eyes:

  • - 25.5.2010: No inherited eyediseases
- Knees:
  • - 29.4.2010: 0/0
- DLA-diversity:
  • - 2009: Whip1 Whip1
- Myostatin deficiency:
  • - 2010: clear, N/N
- Heart:
  • - 12.4.2011: no murmurs in heart auscultation, no signs of heart diseases in echo
Education: Sit, here, lye, agility beginners and advanced course
Hobbies: Eating grass and barking

Racing & Coursing Results

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Dog Show Results

Lahti international 27.4.2008 Rony Doedjins, NED
Big bitch. She needs to mature all over. She could have a bit stronger bone for me. Muzzle can be a bit stronger. Nice neck. Needs to improve in topline. Sufficient angulations in front and rear. Needs to settle in front movements. Nice coat condition and muscle tone. Very well presented.


Tampere group 10 dog show 20.9.2009 Annika Ulltveit-Moe, SWE


Unofficial Lohja 21.11.2010 Kicki Sandell, SWE
En kurvig tik. Med OK???? huvud med bra bett. Tillräckligt lång hals. Kunde vara ngt mera vinklad i fronten. Bra bak. Fina överlinjen kunde haft ngt mera bröstdjup. Rör sig bra bak. Litet löst o. slarvigt fram.


Turku international 23.01.2011 Rudi Brandt, DEN
Elegant bitch. Good size. Nice head. Good neck & topline. Good angul in rear, ok in front. Could be deeper chest. Much too short stepping in movement.



Velka started the agility hobby in Winter 2006/07, when she was only couple of months of age. Velka participated as an half of a dog because with such a young dog, she didn't do any jumps, only contacts. Due to the few agility places available in the capital area, it took until summer 2009 for Velka to get back to the hobby. During the summer we had really nice whippet group of 6 whippets. During autumn 2009 Velka was able to continue the hobby but the group changedi. Because of my hurries and being ill we missed unfortunately too many practises. What descripes Velka the best at the agilitytrack is that our trainer calles: Now it's the happy dog's turn :D And usually we have our own speedtrack while others are practising some tight curves :D Velka is continueing at least still spring 2010 :)

Despite all what you just read, I'm still targeting to the agilitycompetitions also with Velka :D

Dog's life

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