Fast Pack's Whippets


Name: just Siiri
Date of birth: sometime in 1991
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Education: none
Hobbies: Reading sociology books and surfing the internet.

Siuro, Nokia, autumn 2005

Siiri was born on ??.01-03.1991 somewhere in the countryside. Until 11-years-old, Siiri was living free in Nokia, Myllykylä in the middle of forests and fields. During summers you were barely able to see her, on the other hand during winters you had to carry her outside. On top of the owen it was so warm to sleep during cold winter days... Then people moved away from Myllykylä and Siiri had to find a new home. First she spent one year at my parents. At first only inside until she started to escape through balcony. Couple of times Siiri came back home really in bad condition. As she was used to live in the middle of the forest, she propably didn't know how to be careful with cars and people... I didn't wait for the third time, I took her to live with me although that meant the end for being out. But amazingly well Siiri has adjusted. She hasn't even tried to escape. Every night she comes to the pillow... It goes really well with the dogs. Siiri is not at all afraid of Luisku nor Jili. And she doesn't have any reason to. It was different thing when we still had Raisa. Raisa only needed to look at her and Siiri run away. And she had a reason to...

story written by Sari